Homework for Tuesday: 3/11

I will normally NOT post this sort of content on Sakai (but sometimes will).

  1. Prepare to talk about one (pertinent) paper [based on the abstract] and locate 3 other references via either EconLit or EconPapers (Working Papers in Economics). Links are on the right.
  2. What do you expect the impact to be?
    1. First, find basic estimates of the “hit” to K capital stock (“damage” is the likely term in non-economics media coverage) and L labor, and compare that to the aggregate numbers for Japan. What is your back-of-the-envelope estimate of the damage to Japan.
    2. Check this against geography — is there anything about the location that would suggest the location is more (or less) vital in some sense that the simple numbers would indicate? A population density map might be ideal for that purpose, or you could find out what percent of the population lives in the prefectures closest to the epicenter.
  3. Then go into the data to see what that indicates. We’re now far enough into 2012 that quarterly data through end-June are out, at least as initial “flash’ estimates, with even more data available for things that are reported monthly. How does what went on before compare to levels or rates of growth after?

Maximum one (1) sheet of paper for the economic literature question, and one (1) graph or table for the data portion. Oh, and one (1) is the minimum, too. You are welcome to work in a group, but if there are three of you in a group, I expect 3 different graphs!