GDP data

Well, since the data just came out, take a look. Lots of numbers, so (i) what should you look at. It helps to have a question to define that: (ii) what’s driving the economy? When you glance at the tables, (iii) anything else catch your eye that might be a contrast with the US? [Note for GDP data for US data you go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, though plenty of other sites repeat portions of what the BEA puts up, eg the convenient graphs at the St Louis Fed site, FRED]

Quarterly Estimates of GDP Apr.-Jun. 2012(The Second Preliminary), chained
was released at 8:50(JST) on Sep.10.

I went to the site and generated the following graph. [click a couple times to open full-size]

Can you find 3/11 in these data? For a comprehensive overview of the earthquake see the following pdf from the earthquake section of the Prime Minister’s Office (“Kantei” 官邸) web site: Road to Recovery (Comprehensive Information Materials)