Week I Thu 6-Sep Introduction: Earthquake! magnitudes, models, data (production function)
Tue 11-Sep Growth: K, ε Solow and TFP
Thu 13-Sep Solow Model <=== one class day behind
Week II Tue 18-Sep TFP Macro balances
in class term paper topic due
Thu 20-Sep Demographywas S-I: Capital flows and forex Papers on Sakai; see data homework
Open economy issues
in class take-home exam distributed
Week III Tue 25-Sep S-I: domestic capital flows Money & banking, bird’s eye
in class take-home exam due
Thu 27-Sep Trading Firms & SMEs Money & banking, ground eye
evening Tampopo film, 7:00 pm
Week IV Tue 2-Oct Shoshaman genre fiction: business novels
in class paper due! <===
Thu 4-Oct Bureaucracies 縦割行政—turf & policy
Week V Tue 9-Oct Paul Scalise, Univ of Tokyo brief on energy policy due!
evening tentative dinner with Dr. Scalise
Thu 11-Oct no class Reading days
Week VI Tue 16-Oct Generation change: consumption rice, consumer durables, residuals
in class term paper annotated bibliography due
Thu 18-Oct Leaving rabbit hutches behind housing, urban structure, mobility
take-home exam distributed
evening Sūpā no Onna film, 7:00 pm
Week VII Tue 23-Oct Retail revolution business strategies and structures
in class take-home exam due!
Thu 25-Oct Education: Schooling & OJT becoming “Japanese”
Week VIII Tue 30-Oct Age 22: The start of work? Regular and irregular jobs
Thu 1-Nov Age 65: The end of work? Baby boomers and retirement
Week IX Tue 6-Nov Interlude: Japan’s bubble financing retirement
Thu 8-Nov Reigniting growth? MP & FP, 1989-2011
Week X Mon 12-Nov Alan Meltzer, H Parker Willis lecture 5:30 pm in Stackhouse
at lecture Monetary Policy paper based on OECD & IMF due
Tue 13-Nov Debt and stability financing retirementIMF Article IV Report 2012 (pp 9-15)

OECD Survey: Japan 2011 (Chapter 2>

Broda & Weinstein paper (pp 1-12)

Thu 15-Nov Pension reform? OECD and IMF, above continuedIMF Article IV Background 2012 (Part I, Pension Reform>
Fri 16-Nov term paper due <===
Thanksgiving Break
Week XI Tue 27-Nov Japan in a global economy trade and finance (I): comparative advantage and trade
Thu 29-Nov Japan in a global economy trade and finance (II): Japan in AsiaIMF Spillover Report
Week XII Tue 4-Dec Restoring growth: macro policy OECD and IMF views
Thu 6-Dec Restoring growth: labor policy OECD and IMF views
Final Exams 8 December – 14 December
FP=Foreign Policy Book SH=ShoshamanRS=Reading on SakaiIMF=IMF (duh) OECD=OECD

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